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BCaD Consulting Management PLC

BCaD Consulting Management was established in 1998 under the commercial law of Ethiopia and got incorporated as PLC in 2010. 

BCaD is proficient in undertaking various activities in the area of business management and development services to SMEs and conduction of studies in areas of value chain analysis, project appraisal, and training in entrepreneurship, value chain development and supply chain management based on international standards.

Meet Our Team

Here are our professional team members.

Afework has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a BA in Management and Diploma in Small Business Management and Development.


Afework Yohannes

He is a founding member of the Value Links International Association which is an association of value chain development professionals based in Germany. Moreover, he has over thirty years of experience in small business management promotion and development. He is the founder and BCaD Consulting Management PLC. He did quite substantial studies on small, micro, and medium enterprises of various kinds with main focus on agri-business both at national and international levels. Furthermore, he trained and consulted hundreds of enterprise promoters business management skills including finance, production, marketing, organization and management.

In addition, he developed a financial literacy guide and other analytical tools in addition to training experts and testing the various instruments used in his consulting firm. Afework is also certified at advisor level by the International Trade Centre (ITC) in the application of the Business Management System (MBS) instrument for business diagnosis and strategy development.

Abenezer Samuel
Technical Manager of Solar Equipment

Abenezer have developed practical knowledge on server rack with servers installation, Air conditioner installation, network rack with switches installation, secure wireless access points, HD set top box installation, 80 thin client installation, cabling, trunking and socket installation, Multi-mode fiber cable 4 core installation and small distribution box installation for different Ethiopian preparatory schools.

He has BS in electrical and electronics engineering (electrical power focus).He has been developing knowledge on renewable energy specifically on solar photovoltaic system. Particularly focusing on promoting solar photovoltaic products and trains some technical knowledge like how to maintain solar products, how to install solar products and how to minimize environmental impact when the end of batteries life for both SMEs and people who are living in rural area. 

Dagimtsega Afework
IT Specialist

Dagim is an IT professional who is in charge of making sure that the staff members get uninterrupted connection for efficiently executing their daily tasks. He is a very dedicated expert and is at the heart of the company to make sure clients get satisfied with the timely delivery of services. 



Tirsit Demissew
Dietitian and COO

Tirsit did her Masters in Dietetics and her BSc. in Food Science and Technology. She is a founding member and V/President of Ethiopian Dietetic Professionals Association. In addition to working as a professional dietitian she is also the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of BCaD as a co-owner.

As a professional dietitian she is working with individuals of all age group and group of people to manage weight, prevent and treat medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, eating disorder etc.  She also promotes healthy eating and lifestyle by providing practical and sustainable advice that considers their personal eating habit, preferences and economic status.

Abyalew Afework
Import & Export Manager

Abyalew studied International Trade and Economy.

He is a talented marketing professional who is in charge of developing new markets and prompting and expediting orders. He is an expert in supply market analysis and dedicated in searching best sources for the ultimate satisfaction of customers.